By: Eric Wagner @Laser83eric

Happy N7 Day to everyone! 

Mass Effect is a space epic telling the story of Commander Shepherd, who can only be described as more badass than Chuck Norris and flying around in space saving the galaxy from giant murder robots called the Reapers. Shepherd’s back story, appearance, gender, and basically anything else are fully customized by the player. Once you create your Shepherd, you embark on the journey of a lifetime, meeting lots of friends and enemies along the way. The Mass Effect series is one of my absolute favorites, and when I heard the rumors that a Legendary Edition remaster was coming, I immediately started daydreaming about boarding the Normandy and taking on the grand space adventure yet again.

I was always playing as a full paragon in prior playthroughs (paragon and renegade are the good guy/bad guy gauge), and I don’t expect that to change. That being said, here are 5 characters I can’t wait to see remastered.

Wait, before I start and since it can’t be avoided: SPOILER ALERT! 

Credit: Mass Effect
  1. Femshep

In all of my playthroughs of the Mass Effect series, I’ve always played the male character. While statistically, I’m in the majority here, I’m excited to give it a run with the baddest person in the galaxy being a woman. Jennifer Hale’s voice acting is as incredible as ever in this role, and seeing the entire game with a different viewpoint will be a lot of fun.

Credit: Mass Effect

2. Urdnot Wrex – “At least humans are consistently stupid.”

True storytime. I tried to do a renegade playthrough once. During that playthrough, I came to a point where I would have to execute Wrex in order to move on. I quickly deleted that save file and started over. Urdnot Wrex is everyone’s favorite Krogan: a badass fighter with a rough attitude and the take-no-shit mentality that makes his story a blast to experience.

Credit: Mass Effect

3. Legion – “Does the unit have a soul?”

In Mass Effect, the Geth are like the Borg from “Star Trek”: emotionless machines that you find yourself fighting constantly. Then comes Legion. Legion is a rogue Geth that finds himself stranded on a derelict reaper ship using Shepherd’s old armor to repair his own body. He shows up with a sniper rifle and saves Shepherd at one point before joining the crew. In the third game, if you are a Paragon player, he sacrifices himself to save the Geth and make them independent in order to end a decades-long total war against the Quarians. If you ever want to get emotional about a machine death, Legion is your example.

Credit: Mass Effect

4. Thane Krios – “Few people get what they deserve, good or bad.”

Thane shows up in the second game over halfway through, but he wastes no time making an impression. Arguably he is the most quotable character, the overly religious assassin with a terminal disease, trying to make the galaxy better on his way out. You help him save his estranged son from following his footsteps, mending that relationship. In the final game, Thane helps you in a moment of need, and though he fails, he goes down in an epic fashion. His final scenes in the game are some of the most tear-jerking moments you’ll ever see, game or not.

Credit: Mass Effect

5. Mordin Solus – “Had to be me. Someone else would have got it wrong.”

Ah Mordin. He talks so much. He’s the poster child for the ADD generation that loves this game so much. His mind and his mouth go 2 million miles a minute. Before long you realize the brilliant scientist is a former Salarian STG operative, and he was instrumental in developing a virus that borders on genocide. Over the course of the games, you participate in his redemption story, where he cures the genetic disease he unleashed on the Krogan people years ago. His redemption story is incredible, with a fitting ending on the Paragon side, seeing Mordin sacrifice himself to ensure the cure is distributed. 

Honorable Mentions: Garrus Vakarian, Miranda Lawson, Joker


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